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	  Once upon a time each of the old ‘villages’ of West London had its own 
horticultural society but now only the Fulham Horticultural Society
remains. This society was founded in 1924 and still, today, holds a number
of Flower Shows
a year when a variety of cups and other prizes can be won.
These include the Royal Horticultural Society’s Banksian Medal, the
National Vegetable Society medal and the British Pelargonium and
Geranium Society’s Spoon.

There is a spring Show, usually early in April to catch all the differing
varieties of daffodils and other spring bulbs and flowers; the Summer Show
in July to catch the roses and all the summer flowers, and the Autumn Show
in early September for the dahlias, chrysanthemums and other plants
representing the time of mellow fruitfulness. There are classes for
pot-grown plants for those with patios or living in flats. As well as flowers
and pots, the shows have classes for all sorts of vegetables, and for the more
domestically-minded, classes for cakes, jams and bottled and pickled fruits.

	There are also classes for children to show off their creative skills.The 
Gardens Competition in July is for every sort of garden imaginable – from
window boxes and hanging baskets to the largest garden growing
flowers, shrubs and vegetables.

	The Photographic Competition will win prizes for all those holiday snaps 
with a horticultural theme.

	The Fulham Horticultural Society’s handbook is available from Public 
Libraries within the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham or

by ringing 07771 547 193 (email:fulhamhs(at)gmail.com).